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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy involves meeting with a therapist with your partner(s) in the room usually for an hour to an hour and a half, one day a week, but can be more intensive depending on the area of struggle. It helps partnerships, married or unmarried, living together or apart, strengthen their friendship, improve communication, repair from past hurts and betrayals, reduce conflict, more effectively compromise, resolve sex and intimacy issues, and build a stronger foundation. 

Couples/Relationship therapy can also help partners determine if staying together or separating is the best option.  For those struggling to separate amicably, or co-parent effectively, relationship therapy can help partners find strategies to reduce the strain of the separation, and effectively communicate and compromise through the process. 

Couples therapy can be short term or long term. Sometimes only a few sessions are needed to help partners weather a crisis. Or, therapy may be needed for several months or longer, particularly if the relationship has greatly deteriorated. Couples who are in higher levels of conflict with each other may require more intensive therapy to break through the hurts and wounds. One method for couples who want to break through what has been holding them back is a couples intensive.

Relationship therapy can also involve the process of working through conflict or strengthening a connection with a non-romantic partner, such as a friend, or co-worker.

If you want to build a solid foundation before deepening your commitment we offer Prepare and Enrich counseling. To learn more about Prepare and Enrich see our Premarital Counseling page.

If you are interested in sex therapy as part of strengthening your relationship, you can learn more about the process at our Sex Therapy page.

If couples/relationship therapy seems right for you, please Contact Us.