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Coaching is the process of moving you toward your goals and removing obstacles in achieving them. When you come to coaching, you’ll start with a focused intention or a specific goal. A coach works with a person in blocks of time, typically starting with 12 sessions of an hour (one session a week for 3 months).

Coaching is different from therapy. Therapy is intended to help with diagnosable conditions such as anxiety, depression, circumstances that are unruly, or mental illness. Coaching on the other hand is for those who would like to live life more fully and to be more inspired in their pursuits.

Our programs start with your mindset, which is the key component to success. This is more than just changing your attitude or looking at things a little bit differently. This is about realizing simple truths about your experience of life that can transform the way you approach your goals. It is absolutely normal in the pursuit of a large goal to have self-doubt, or to feel like there is friction. It’s as if you have one foot firmly on the gas and the other one on the brake, adding resistance. This resistance slows down your progress, and removing it is one aim of this process.

Coaching is not about deep healing – that is something for the therapy room. It is also not about telling you how to live your life based on the coach’s own life experience – that is called mentoring. Rather coaching is about drawing out your inner resources, working in the present moment, building on your natural strengths, identifying and clarifying your vision, and bringing in accountability so you stay on track.

Mindset Coaching is the personal aspect which is done for self-enrichment and goal achievement. Executive Coaching is another subset of this work, which assists specifically with leadership behaviors, such as those that teams and organizations need to cultivate from each member of the group. 

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