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Couples Intensives

Sometimes couples need to make a lot of changes, fast. This can happen when people just aren’t on the same page, or more commonly when they want to get real clarity about their relationship. While couples therapy done once weekly can be immensely helpful, sometimes couples have the want or need to speed things up and deepen their connection, stat. It also means that you must be in it for the long haul but are just having trouble getting to the love you know is underneath some of the persistent struggles. If this fits the bill for you, a couples intensive might be the solution. We are believers that almost anyone can make love work if they truly want to, but sometimes stubborn issues get in the way, and you need to finally get back to connection.

How this looks is an extended session time over several days. It may be built into a getaway time for you and your partner. The therapy sessions are structured so that you will gain the maximum benefit from your time, and breaks will be incorporated to allow yourself to come back to yourself. The days don’t need to be consecutive but it can help if some of them are.

Couples intensives typically cost more than regular couples therapy because your therapist is going to be dedicating a lot of time just to you and your partner, and it may take a while to get them scheduled. Because of this we ask that those who are considering a couples intensive to be serious about the process and willing to commit fully. If this describes you, reach out to us via our contact form!

Keep in mind that an intensive experience is not for everybody. For couples who are at their wits end and who are ready to break up, an intensive experience may not be the best option. Think of an intensive as a retreat and a way to refocus on what is really important. If you’d prefer to start more gradually, weekly couples therapy can also be very effective!