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Working with a Clinician in Training

If you have the choice between a licensed clinician and a clinical intern, learn why the clinician in training might be an excellent choice.

Here are Five Reasons

Low Cost and Affordable Care

Clinicians in training can provide lower cost sliding scale sessions, which can be more inexpensive as compared to fully licensed therapists.

Get Seen Quicker

Since the pandemic, the demand for mental health services has exploded, and many practices have long waiting lists. Our interns and practicum students don’t typically have waiting lists and can be more flexible with your schedule.

Personalized attention

Practicum students and interns typically have smaller caseloads than other therapists, and as a result they spend more time per client assessing what the best methods are to use.

The Wisdom of Multiple Clinicians

Because clinicians in training are required to practice typically under both a school supervisor, and in addition to that a Harmony Holistic supervisor, your therapist in training will have a multitude of ideas on exactly how to help you in the best and most effective way. This support makes the difference and can help you to solve the issues you are coming into therapy for quicker.

Excited and Open Minded

Clinicians in training are constantly learning, studying, and growing. They have open minds to what can make the biggest difference and most importantly are not stuck in a rut of routine. After years of studying, clinicians in training are ready to jump into the field and they will share with you some of this positive energy as well!

Meet Our Current Clinicians in Training

Victoria Wendell
Counseling Practicum Student

Cari McCloskey
Clinical Social Work Intern